At Sempra Infrastructure, we are moved by the strong commitment to contribute to the well-being of the communities to which we belong.

That's why we created our Foundation, which is registered as a second-tier foundation duly authorized to make donations and economic contributions in compliance with the requirements set forth by the Mexican tax authority (Servicio de Administración Tributaria, SAT).

Through the foundation's work, we seek to strengthen and streamline the positive effects of our activities in the communities in which we operate.

Our Mission

At our Foundation, we are committed to transform lives by helping organizations and programs that contribute to the development of communities to which we belong.
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Sempra Infraestructura Foundation Annual Report

For more information about the actions of our foundation, we invite you to download our 2022 report
2022 Report
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Pillars of action

We are focused on supporting works that offer greather medium- and long-term benefits to the community based in two lines of action:


Development of skills, through the financing of scholarships for education and training for talented young people with emphasis on energy and/or environmental care.

Support communities through clean energy

Community energy security: with the aim of providing clean, safe, sustainable, and modern energy solutions with a differentiated approach between communities (appropriate, appropriable and under a participatory design). Electrification improvements with clean energy in homes and care centers for vulnerable groups.

Methodology for granting donations

The organizations supported by the Sempra Infrastructure Foundation must be non-profit grantees authorized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), and implement projects and programs that are in line with any of the Foundation's priorities and/or corporate purpose as described in the Bylaws.

Organizations are invited to send us their projects via our annual call for grant, in which an evaluation methodology is used in order to systematize the assessment of projects and organizations that we support.

This allows us to grant support in a transparent manner, and enables us to maximize the impact of the resources.

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