Ana Noriega is JV Operations manager at Sempra Infrastructure and serves as the current Chair of GROW's Ambassador program. Learn more about Ana and how she lives our values and why International Women’s Month is important to her.

Tell us about yourself! What are some of your interests and hobbies?

I was born and raised in Tijuana, where I still reside. I've been married for over 15 years, and a mom of two girls. I love spending time with my whole family. I am fortunate enough we all live in the same city, so there is always a reason to get together. I also love to travel and as my girls have gotten older, we have transitioned to more adventure-focused trips. My newest hobby is being a soccer mom!

Tell us about your current role.

I am the JV Operations manager for the ECA LNG Liquefaction project. In my role, I report to shareholders on various activities related to the project execution.

What do you enjoy most about your role? What do you find most rewarding?

Without a doubt, what I enjoy the most about my role is learning something new every day. I interact with so many different departments that it always brings excitement to my everyday job. I love the variety of tasks assigned to me, which can vary from: analyzing new regulation’s impacts, supporting operation employees on their training deployments, preparing board materials or working with IT in setting up workflows.

What does GROW mean to you?

GROW has had different meanings for me since I joined in June 2021. First, it was the opportunity to network and get reacquainted with women across the organization. Once I started working in GROW, it became more about recognizing how united our experiences as women can be across our territories. I learned that the difficulties and challenges we women face are so similar regardless of where we live, and work and our concerns are fundamentally the same. Today, GROW represents a community seeking to contribute towards a more representative and equitable organization. It’s a community that promotes women, integrates allies, has strong teamwork and amazing energy.

Tell us about your role as Ambassador Chair.

I was nominated to participate the first year the Ambassadors program was launched. I was part of the networking workstream that planned all the fun activities.

This year, as Chair of the Ambassadors group, my focus has been integration. Learning more about our cultural differences and similarities to launch different initiatives that have the same impact across Ambassadors and our organization. I couldn’t be in a more privileged seat than where I am right now.

What does International Women’s Month mean to you? How are you celebrating or honoring women this month?

Similarly, to the meaning of GROW, International Women's Month has obtained a more profound meaning in my life, as a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister. I try to set my needs first, be an example of empowerment for both of my daughters, I invite my husband to reflect on women's needs in his organization, and lastly, thank my mother for always showing me that limits are sometimes hurdles we need to jump in order to get to a different place.

International Women's Month is a time to celebrate women’s accomplishments towards equity, as well as a time to reflect on where we stand and how we face and perceive our new challenges.