Our company thrives when we provide every stakeholder with a clear sense of our purpose, where we are going, and how we create value together.

Our shared vision and values guide our mission and strategy. We live by our guiding principles and enlist all employees to execute our business with excellence.

By doing so, we create a high-performing culture where we are aligned in executing our strategy, living our values, and fulfilling our mission.


Delivering Energy for a Better World 


To Be North America’s Leading Energy Infrastructure Company


Do the Right Thing,

Champion People,

Shape the Future

We believe that customer demand for energy will grow over the coming decades, and that our infrastructure in North America will play a key role in the global energy transition. We focus on LNG, Low carbon solutions and Energy network infrastructure in North America that provides our shareholders with sustainable superior risk-adjusted returns.

We focus on LNG, Low carbon solutions and Energy networks infrastructure in North America that provides our shareholders with sustainable superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our Guiding Principles
Icon safety

We put the health, safety and security of our workforce, customers and communities at the center of everything we do.

Icon people culture
People and Culture

We care about people and foster a culture that drives high performance.

Icon customer focus
Customer Focus

Customers choose us because of our focus on meeting their needs, our distinctive and cost-effective offers, our proven development capability and dependability.

Icon excellence

We commit to excellence, producing high-quality, reliable outcomes to meet our stakeholders’ objectives.

Icon partnership

We build long-term relationships and strategic alliances that enable us to fulfill our mission.

Icon capital efficiency
Capital Efficiency

We prudently manage capital to make informed investments that fulfill our strategic objectives and meet our shareholder expectations.

Icon financial performance
Financial Performance, Risk & Compliance

We create shareholder value by producing sustainable, clear, predictable earnings and strong, risk-adjusted returns on capital.

Icon tech innovation
Technology and Innovation

We embrace innovation and leverage technology aimed at achieving our business goals.

Icon sustainability

We create sustainable value through world class safety, championing people, resilient operations and enabling the energy transition to a lower carbon future.


Methods that define how we work.


Our processes provide a way for our employees to work together efficiently and effectively, and to enable robust decision making.

We believe a well-defined stage gate process that takes us from conceptual idea to final execution is key to successful project development. A disciplined approach clearly defines project goals, the roles and responsibilities of the multidisciplinary teams, and establishes governance and transparency.


We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that is high performing and a role model in the energy infrastructure industry.
Employee Spotlights