Termoeléctrica de Mexicali

Termoeléctrica de Mexicali, located in Mexicali, Baja California, is a 625 MW natural-gas, combined-cycle power plant.


Baja California


625 MW

Commercial Operation

June 2003

Pipeline Connections

Gasoducto Rosarito

Termoeléctrica de Mexicali, which began operations in June 2003, receives natural gas through an interconnection with Gasoducto Rosarito, which allows it to receive both regasified LNG from our Energía Costa Azul LNG terminal and imported gas from the United States.

Termoeléctrica de Mexicali uses advanced environmental technologies that meetm and is some cases, exceed applicable standards in both Mexico and the state of California. In addition, it is one of the cleanest and lowest marginal cost natural gas-fired plants under the supervision of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).

Fact Sheet
Termoelectrica de mexicali


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Sustainability Report

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