Helping meet the growing demand for cleaner energy by developing low carbon solutions.

With a focus on developing, constructing, and operating infrastructure to help meet the growing demand for clean power, energy storage, clean hydrogen, and carbon capture and sequestration.

Presently, Sempra Infrastructure’s Low Carbon Solutions includes:

-An existing portfolio of operating renewable resources including more than 1,600 MW of wind and solar and a highly efficient natural gas-fired power plant in operation;

-A 319 MW wind project under construction; and

-A portfolio of infrastructure projects under-development to produce clean hydrogen, store renewable energy, and to transport and sequester CO2.

Growth Platform

Thumb project photo sempra
Thumb project photo sempra
Thumb project photo sempra

In Operation

Border solar
Don diego solar
Prima solar
Tepezala solar
Rumorosa solar
Energia sierra juarez
Termoelectrica de mexicali


We strive to do the right thing by working to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations. Our three business lines are aligned with our business strategy, which contributes to our ability to address current and emerging problems resulting from environmental impacts and climate change.