U.S. LNG is already contributing to lowering global emissions by displacing more carbon-intensive fuel sources, especially in developing markets hungry for reliable energy. Decarbonizing the LNG value chain will be key to enhancing the climate benefits of an expanded use of natural gas.

Sempra LNG’s infrastructure platform is well-positioned to lead in the energy transition. Sempra LNG is firmly committed to the proposition that the U.S.’s new role as a global leader in LNG exports can enable the same greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions that the U.S. has demonstrated in the electricity sector worldwide. Beyond the electricity sector, Sempra LNG believes that US LNG exports are critical to quickly lowering emissions in hard-to-decarbonize sectors that are today fueled by higher emitting coal and oil energy sources.

Climate change is a global problem. The EIA projects that 80% of global energy demand through 2050 will occur in emerging and developing economies and effective climate policy must recognize that U.S. exports of lower-carbon energy will be critical to helping these markets achieve sustainable growth.

Paty Ortega Mitchell, Sempra LNG, USA, considers the route to decarbonization and how the company’s infrastructure is well positioned to lead in the energy transition.

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