At Sempra Infrastructure, the health, safety and security of our workforce is at the center of everything we do. We are committed to being an industry leader and accomplish this by championing health, safety, and security programs that protect our people, communities, projects and operations.

Emergency Response

We continue to grow and strengthen our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) organization, which is comprised of personnel with more than 130 years of combined safety experience from best-in-class companies.

The team helps ensure the safety of our employees and the resilience of our infrastructure by implementing tools to enhance emergency response and communications like Preparis, a bi-lateral, multi-channel communication system that helps our crisis management teams communicate with employees before, during, and after emergency events. As events unfold, we use Preparis to share critical information and track the status of each employee, helping confirm their well-being.

Additionally, the HSSE team also implemented Early Alert, a system that provides real-time emergency response notifications regarding threats (such as severe weather, earthquakes, and civil unrest) to our business operations.

In Mexico, our health and safety champions initiative aims to implement and monitor the Health and Safety Management System Elements (HSMS) in each business unit. HSMS includes 32 components that aim to standardize and support the implementation of protocols and initiatives to help protect the physical health of our employees and contractors. These teams also carry out quarterly self-evaluations and annual cross-verifications that include all the company’s work centers.

Promoting Best Practices

Our focus on safety does not end in the workplace. In Mexico, the company holds an annual Family Day consisting of events focused on health and safety at home and provides employees with information on emergency preparedness, first aid and wellness.

In the U.S., the Safety-First monthly internal campaign provides employees with valuable health and safety information and resources to help promote best practices in the workplace and at home.

These initiatives and tools, in addition to our safety committees and work teams, allow us to continue to be at the forefront in emergency response and preparedness.